General Steps Taken in Water Damage Restoration in Oklahoma City

by | Mar 5, 2014 | Restoration

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Water is in an intrusive beast that creates havoc in its wake. There are many different ways in which water can invade the home and not all ways can be stopped. But it is important to begin the cleanup right after the water problem has been taken care of. Otherwise, you will run into problems such as bugs and mold growth that can hamper restoration efforts.

One of the first jobs in Water Damage Restoration in Oklahoma City that the Flood Masters will do is evaluate the extent of the damage. In order to do this, all objects have to be removed and evaluated for the amount of water damage done. After each object is evaluated, the room itself is looked at in regards to how high the water reached on the walls and if things like the carpet are salvageable.

The next step is to being drying things out. This often involves the use of fans and other equipment that draws the water out of the home. Getting things dry is often a priority because mold will appear quickly after a flood with the high humidity levels that are in the home due to the flood. This problem can get worse if warm weather is also in the forecast. Getting the humidity levels down and things dried out quickly will help keep growth to a manageable range.

Once the room is completely dried, the water damage restoration in Oklahoma City will cleanup any areas that are left. This is where the final decisions about whether or not things can be salvaged such as carpet. If it is too damaged, a replacement flooring option might be considered. Often, things that may appear salvageable right after the flood may not be in the best shape after they dry out completely.

These are the major steps in the process. Obviously, it does take time to recover from a flood and cleanup doesn’t happen overnight. Drying out things is often the top priority because of the issues water brings with it. But getting back to normal means tackling the problem as soon as possible after a flood has come through.


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