Get Approved with an SSI Attorney in Oakland

Applying for disability is a long and stressful process. Whether you’ve been a hard worker for many years that has been sick or injured, or you’ve suffered from a disability for your entire life, you deserve to benefit from a system that was designed to help struggling people live. Hiring an SSI attorney in Oakland will take the guess work out of the entire process. When you use an attorney for your disability care, you are benefitting from all of the experience that this person has.

Your SSI attorney will help you get approved the first time. If you are denied, an appeal can take over a year. That’s a long time to struggle. Most applications are denied the first time due to minor paperwork issues. In fact, your medical issues aren’t even considered if one issue with paperwork is found. Your lawyer will demonstrate how you meet the criteria for disability benefits. They present it in a way that they know makes the best argument. A lawyer will gather the proper medical records. Too many records will give the reviewer way too much to look at, slowing down the process. Your lawyer knows exactly what to select to make your case. If needed, they can get help from your doctor. Hiring a lawyer will also allow you to expedite cases involving terminal illness.

If you are denied, a lawyer will argue in your favor to help present why you should receive benefits. They may obtain new medical records that further solidify your case. They can reach out to your doctor for a more in-depth analysis as to how your disability impacts your life. An attorney will speak with the representatives to discuss why you were denied and negotiate. You will have to go to a hearing in front of a judge if you are denied a second time. A lawyer improves your chances of winning at the hearing. They will help prepare you for the questions they may ask, as well as choose and prepare witnesses.

Applying for disability benefits is much easier when you use an SSI attorney at Ortega Disability Group in Oakland. This is a major life event that has a huge impact on the way that you live and your financial future. Trust an attorney to fight for the benefits you deserve.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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