Get Out of Jail Today With the Help of a Bondsman in Oklahoma City OK

The bail bond process continues to be a mystery for some, especially friends and families of first offenders. However, any seasoned bondsman in Oklahoma City, OK, can break down the process into a few simple sentences. Even better, bond agents who claim years of experience can navigate the entire bail bond process easily and efficiently.

What’s Required to Get a Bail Bond

Third parties like friends and family can apply for and pay for bail bonds on the defendant’s behalf. In most states, it’s a good idea for third parties or the defendants to confirm warrant info or, after arrest, the defendant’s full name, location of detention, booking number and total amount of bail.

Warrant checks typically cost money, but some bond agencies complete them for free, easing the defendant’s overall financial burden. As for cost, bail bonds have nonrefundable premiums spanning 10 to 15 percent of the full bail amount. Luckily, there is any number of ways one can pay for a bail bond in full.

Ways to Pay for a Bail Bond

Bond agents always accept cash in full and sometimes offer discounts. Credit and personal checks are an option. Depending on the bond agency, collateral in the form of guns, vehicles with titles or jewelry might be acceptable. Payment plans or bail bond financing may also be an option. Payment also covers additional services like advice about jail, court and the bail bond process.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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