Getting accountability for your injuries!

by | Apr 30, 2013 | law, Law And Politics

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Accidents happen. We all know that. Whether it’s a car accident, a motorcycle mishap, or any other type of wrongful death or accident, you must immediately consult an Injury Attorney Longview WA area to get justice. That’s because of two main reasons.

First and foremost, when you sustain an injury, it most probably will turn your world upside down. You suffer trauma, stress and mental anguish. It impairs your judgement in making the most routine of decisions. It impacts your relationship with friends and family members. But most importantly, it could impact your ability to earn a living and provide for your family. Without holding someone accountable for all that stress and despair, as the victim, you will never get closure. And that means you will never be able to put this dreadful incident behind you and move on with rebuilding your life.

Secondly, time is of essence when dealing with personal injuries and accidents. The longer you delay, chances are that your wounds will heal and you will be less inclined to pursue justice. Also, with time, witnesses tend to forget important details of the events that caused your injuries. And that makes it extremely difficult for any injury attorney to help residents of Longview WA in their pursuit of justice. Worse still is the fact that lawyers of the at-fault defendants will exploit any lapse in victim testimony to derail your claim for compensation. In a nightmare scenario, failing to act quickly could even lead to unscrupulous opposing counsel using faulty eye-witness testimony against you.

In any personal injury situation, the first thing obviously is to focus on your health and recovery. However, even though it might be extremely painful for you, the next best course of action is to schedule a free consultation with a reputable accident injury attorney to discuss your unique situation.

Ideally, you should look for someone that has practiced law for several decades, and who has 25+ years of focusing exclusively on accident injury law. An injury attorney who is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum is someone who has proved their metal in the judicial arena by winning significant compensation for their clients. Such a lawyer is someone that you definitely want on your side, and not opposing you! Before engaging your injury attorney, ask how many personal injury claims he or she has negotiated, litigated or managed. Someone with over 5,000 such claims to their credit is yet again a person to have on your team.

Most importantly though, make sure that the Injury attorney Longview WA you consult with has a firm grasp of accident, personal injury and accidental death litigation. Winning your fight for compensation means he/she should have extensive knowledge and experience dealing with the insurance representatives, claims adjusters, hospital and nursing home attorney’s and Medicare.



Arthur Miller is a highly-experienced injury attorney helping clients in Longview WA get accountability for their injuries. Go to to schedule a free consult today!

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