Getting help when you have been in an automobile accident

by | Mar 25, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firm

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Regardless of the amount of damage or injuries, regardless of fault, an automobile accident is a trauma that befalls many people. Even a simple accident can leave you shaken physically and psychologically. For a layman, the laws that pertain to traffic accidents can be confusing; even more so when it comes to fault, insurance and long term care, etc. There are a number of reasons why you should seek the council of a personal injury attorney in Apple Valley CA, the following may help you decide your course of action.

When you absolutely need an attorney:

If you have been involved in a vehicle accident where the results are anything other than a few bumps and minor injuries, then you should consult an attorney. This is an absolute if the police claim that the accident is your fault and you see it otherwise. The question of fault has a definite bearing on the costs of medical care and compensation for long-term care, pain and suffering. These issues are extremely complex and are well beyond the scope of even the most sophisticated person. You are well advised to have a seasoned attorney on your side; he or she can explain all your rights and act on your behalf to negotiate any settlement between you and others, including the insurance company.

When you might need an attorney:

If there is no doubt as to fault and there are only minor injuries and perhaps a bent fender, you may not need to engage the services of a personal injury attorney in Apple Valley CA. The key word here is “minor” injuries and “minor” damage. If you and the other party believe that there is no more than $1,000 in damages then there probably is no need for legal assistance. In these cases it is usually a simple matter to settle with the insurance companies involved to compensate for any out-of-pocket expenses associated with the damage and any small injury. If you were definitely not at fault, you can normally agree some sort of compensation for inconvenienced or pain and suffering if this is really the case. Anything other than this and you are well advised to seek assistance from a personal injury lawyer.

If you have been involved in an automobile accident where the damage and injuries can be considered severe you will need to contact a personal injury attorney in Apple Valley CA. Visit website to know more.

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