Getting to Know your Physical Therapy Clinic in Nokomis

The human body is designed for movement. Everyone moves, but most people are not attuned to the coordination of muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, and bones involved in body movements. Attention becomes focused on these areas only when there is an interruption in the ease of movement, often accompanied by pain. This may be due to injury or disease, which may affect either the young or elderly.

Causes for Movement Restrictions

Traumatic injury may occur as a result of surgery, from automobile accidents, or falls. Young people are frequently victims of sports-related injuries, and the elderly population that is increasing often experience falls as a result of osteoporosis or other diseases. Movement-related restrictions are often related to degenerative or other diseases like arthritis, scoliosis, diabetes, or obesity. Distress often ensues in the individual who experiences these kinds of movement restrictions and, each year, musculoskeletal pain is the primary reason for someone to visit their doctor.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapists provide patient care by forming a treatment plan specific to the individual and using techniques that alleviate pain, promote movement and restoring function. They guide their patients through physical exercises that are individualized to the particular movement restriction and play an important role in educating them on how to achieve long-term health benefits by the management of their condition. Physical therapists also develop fitness and wellness programs for patients so they can achieve more active and healthier lifestyles while preventing falls and loss of mobility. These types of services are available at a place like The Physical Therapy Clinic in Nokomis.

More About Physical Therapy

For a more comprehensive description of the services of the orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist you may encounter at the Total Therapy Florida, visit website. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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