Getting to the Root of the Problem: Finding a Root Canal Dentist in Lakeview

The root canal is a tube that runs through each of the two roots of a tooth to its hollow center, or pulp chamber, which contains various soft tissues such as nerves and blood vessels. The root canals themselves are filled with a substance called dental pulp, soft connective tissue that nourishes and hydrates the tooth. The role of the dental pulp is to strengthen adult teeth in the early stages of their development and, once matured, to make the toothless brittle. Dental pulp is also vital to the tooth’s ability to detect heat and cold. You have dental pulp to thank for the resilience and strength of your adult teeth. Unfortunately, dental pulp is susceptible to infection, and an infection of the root canal can cause excruciating pain and significant difficulty when eating.

Because the dental pulp is involved in thermoreception (that is, the detection of heat and cold), Minnesota residents suffering from a root canal infection are particularly susceptible to cold-induced pain. During the bitter Midwestern winter, even the action of drawing an icy breath can aggravate an infected root canal, which in practical terms means months of daily pain.

Symptoms of Root Canal Infection

Symptoms of an infected root canal include increased sensitivity to cold and heat, severe pain under application of pressure, and broken, discolored or cracked teeth. A root canal dentist can very easily identify the symptoms of root canal infection early on, so it is imperative that any Lakeview residents suffering from severe tooth pain consult their dentist for a recommendation. A root canal dentist in Lakeview and the twin cities area offers free consultation appointments for those afflicted by oral health problems. An early consultation can make an enormous amount of difference to the long-term health of your teeth. Root canal treatment is performed as a preventive measure with the ultimate aim of saving the tooth’s roots, thereby preserving the natural tooth. This avoids the need for dentures or dental implants, which are false teeth anchored permanently to the jaw bone.

Treating a Root Canal Infection

Fortunately, endodontic surgery, commonly known as root canal surgery, is a relatively simple and easily accessible procedure. The root canal dentist would remove the infected dental pulp and clean the canal and the pulp chamber before replacing the diseased tissue with an inert sealant. The procedure can be accomplished with little to no discomfort and is, more often than not, completed within one or two sessions. Root canal dentists do recommend the addition of an artificial crown on the affected tooth to act as a further barrier against future infection and decay. Today, Lakeview dentists are able to create custom dental crowns designed specifically for your tooth, a process which generally takes no more than half an hour to complete. You can visit Family Dental Care for more information.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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