Grand Rapids MI Homeowners: 3 Types of Organizers for Your Garage

As a homeowner, you use your garage for more than storing your vehicles. The garage is a place to safely store your belongings and work on your favorite DIY projects. With such a space serving so many functions, organization is key.

Garage organizers for Grand Rapids, MI, homes keeps the space neat and tidy.

Slat Walls

Slat walls are designed with slots where you can hang hooks and shelves. The advantage of using slat walls is that you can change the configuration easily. Slat walls can be used to hang tools small and large.


Cabinets are good for garages with some extra space. You can configure the cabinets to fit your needs, including standard size cabinets with shelving and taller cabinets for rakes, brooms, blowers and other tall items. You can even configure the cabinet design for small spaces of slat walls for smaller items.

Overhead Storage

Most garages have extra space above the door mechanism, and you can use this space with overhead garage organizers for Grand Rapids, MI, homes. The overhead space is ideal for items that you use occasionally, such as holiday decorations. You can also find hooks that suspend bicycles and other equipment from the ceiling without interfering with the garage door.

We Can Help You Organize Your Garage

West Michigan Garage Interiors specializes in garage organizers for Grand Rapids, MI, homes. Call us to learn more about our garage organizers and other services, or visit our website today.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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