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Dental phobia is not uncommon in children and adults alike. Some people will avoid having their teeth cleaned or treated altogether, simply because they are scared of seeing the dentist. Whether you are suffering from a toothache, need your teeth cleaned, or require cosmetic dentistry in Naperville, you can visit the dentist in comfort. Many dentist in Naperville offer sedation dentistry to their patients as a way to keep them calm while working on their smile.

Sedation dentistry incorporates the use of medication to keep patients relaxed during their dental procedure.There are several levels of sedation, depending on the procedure that is being performed and the amount of anxiety the patient is experiencing. Minimal sedation allows the patient to remain awake, but simply puts them at ease. Moderate sedation, also known as conscious sedation, utilizes a little more medication.When under moderate sedation, the patient may slur their words, and lose memory of the procedure. Deep sedation is more intense, putting the patient on the edge between consciousness and sleep. While the patient may seem unconscious, they can easily be awakened. Major procedures in cosmetic dentistry in Naperville may require general anesthesia, where the patient is put completely under.

After deciding which type of sedation is needed, the dentist will select a route to administer the medication. Nitrous oxide is a common form of inhaled medication that will help the patient to relax. The dentist can control the amount of gas that is given, and it wears off quickly. This option is perfect for those who need to drive home after the procedure.

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Oral sedation medication is good for minimal to moderate sedation. Prescription benzodiazepines are usually prescribed to take away any anxiety the patient may have. The dose of the medication can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the patient. Another moderate sedation route is an IV.This is also easily controlled and used during certain procedures in cosmetic dentistry in Naperville.

Many licensed oral surgeons are able to administer general anesthesia to their patients.This is more common in patients who are having wisdom teeth extracted, or another major surgery performed.

Many dentists Naperville are designing their offices around giving their patients a good dental experience. From massaging dental chairs to televisions in the ceilings, dentists want their patients to be relaxed and comfortable while in the office. Visit at Naperville Commons Dental for more information.

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