Hiring A Criminal Attorney In Burlington To Determine Admissibility

by | Nov 5, 2013 | Lawyers and Law Firm

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A Criminal Attorney Burlington presents the opportunity for the accused to prove his or her innocence. This is achievable by a thorough examination of the evidence used to arrest this individual. Criminal defense attorney evaluates this evidence to determine the probability of reasonable doubt. If the evidence is circumstantial and not solid evidence, it increases the odds that the attorney can argue reasonable doubt based on the lack of sufficient evidence to convict.

Determining Admissibility

In criminal cases, a judge determines which evidence is admissible in these proceedings. However, with evidence of coercion or entrapment, your attorney can file a motion with the court to determine that some evidence is inadmissible due to extenuating circumstances such as entrapment or coercion. For instance, it is possible that the arresting officer secured a confession through unethical practices and that the confession is invalid.

If your attorney can prove that you were coerced into signing a confession, the judge may rule it inadmissible. Entrapment is a similar process. In criminal cases, audio recordings that violate the accused individual’s privacy may be considered entrapment. Additionally, audio evidence where a law enforcement official attempted to gather evidence through coercion or other unethical methods is also rules as entrapment and is not admissible.

Criminal Defense Attorneys

Powers and Costeck Attorneys at Law offer the opportunity to prove innocence in criminal cases. These attorneys will evaluate the evidence presented by the prosecution in an attempt to convict you. They will determine whether a lack of credible evidence exists and utilizes any discrepancies to avoid a conviction. To solicit the services of these attorneys, you may schedule an appointment via their website.


You need a criminal defense attorney when you are accused of a criminal infraction. It is beneficial to you to hire this attorney even if the charge is a misdemeanor as a skilled attorney has the ability to fight to have the charges dismissed. The lack of solid evidence is a common reason for an acquittal. In cases without sufficient evidence, your attorney can present reasonable doubt to the jury. If the jury rules that reasonable doubt is present, you will acquire an acquittal of the charges.


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