Hiring A Social Security Disability Attorney In Berkeley For Your Appeal

A Social Security Disability attorney in Berkeley devises strategies to acquire disability benefits for disabled individuals who were turned down by the SSA. These attorneys are well-versed in eligibility guidelines for this agency and are familiar with the necessary procedures for filing these claims. For some adults it is increasingly difficult to obtain these benefits. For these reason, disability attorneys step in and advocate their rights.

Why You Should Appeal the SSA’s Decision

In most cases where the applicant is an adult, it is more likely that the SSA will deny Social Security disability benefits. The most typical reason for this is the fact that there are a multitude of applications that are handled each day by these caseworkers. The second is that a large portion of these cases do not have sufficient evidence. Both instances afford applicants with a chance to appeal this decision and request a hearing.

An attorney is required during this hearing to protect the interests of the applicant. By hiring an attorney the applicant is armed with legal defense against shrewd lawyers secured by the SSA. This agency will fight to discredit the claim made by the applicant in most cases.

Local Attorney

Patrick J Kelly Law Office advocates the rights of disabled individuals by filing effective claims and appeals for their disability cases. This attorney addresses the need for these benefits and presents the facts to the judge in these proceedings. She advocates the rights and needs of the disabled to fight for the benefits that they are entitled to receive. If you are disabled and were turned down by the SSA, you may contact Patrick Kelly to file an appeal through the court.

Your Social Security disability attorney in Berkeley represents you throughout appeals and new claims for Social Security disability. These legal actions are afforded to you when the SSA denies your initial application for benefits. Your attorney produces a strong case for you before your court date and prepares you for what to expect during this process. Through this option, a judge makes a final decision that overrules the SSA if you are approved through court.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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