Hiring A Social Security Disability Lawyer in Morristown For An Appeal

In Morristown, all Social Security Disability cases are initially determined by disability determination services. This service reviews applications based on key elements that are required for approval. They acquire the disabled individual’s medical files from the doctors who treat them for the condition stated on their application. When further evidence is needed to support their claim, appointments are made with doctors who are within the network utilized by this administration. At any time that a claim is denied, the individual maintains the right to hire a Social Security disability lawyer in Morristown to file an appeal.

The Determination Process

The first step in the determination process is to establish whether the individual is working or capable of working.

For the individual to be deemed disabled or handicapped, the condition stated on the application must prevent him or her from working. This requires that the respective agency classify their condition as severe. Medical evidence must support this claim. All eligible conditions must adhere to the guidelines set forth by the state. These conditions are either terminal such as cancer or debilitating and prevent the individual from becoming gainfully employed.

In determining whether an individual is disabled, the DDS requires information about previous work performed by the applicant. They need to know whether the disability prevents him or her from doing this type of work. This determination establishes whether they are able to pursue this form of employment in the future. If the individual is able to perform an alternative form of work that will allow him or her to support themselves financially and will exceed the earning’s limitation, then the applicant is not disabled.

However, if educational requirements prevent him or her from entering this industry, it is possible that they may receive approval. Educational records that show that the applicant participated in special-education courses throughout his or her school may qualify for benefits.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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