Home Health Care Supplies in Tyler, TX, Needed for Bladder Dysfunction

If you have a dysfunctional bladder that causes leakage, dribbling, urgency, frequency, or total incontinence, then you may need certain supplies. Companies that specialize in home health care supplies in Tyler, TX, can provide you with the incontinence care products you need to keep you comfortable. Here are some urinary incontinent supplies that will keep you clean, dry, and free from skin breakdown.

Personal Wipes

Urinary incontinence means that you are unable to control your bladder. While showering after an incontinent episode is preferred, you may be unable to shower if you are not at home. Because of this, you’ll need to keep some personal wipes on hand so that you can quickly wipe away irritating urine.

If not washed away, urine can irritate your skin, leading to redness, burning, and skin breakdown. Although personal cleansing wipes should not be a substitute for bathing or showering, they can help remove urine from your skin so that you are more comfortable.

Incontinence Underwear

Adult diapers are highly absorbent, however, you may feel uncomfortable wearing them under your clothing when you are out in public. They are often thick and bulky, and can sometimes be detected underneath your clothing. Conversely, incontinence underwear offers incontinence protection without being bulky or conspicuous.

Incontinence underwear looks just like regular undergarments, and are worn in the same way. They do not have tabs or adhesive tape on them, which makes them easy to put on and take off. If you are uncomfortable purchasing incontinence underwear, companies that sell home health care supplies in Tyler, TX, can ship them to you in discreet packaging.

For more information on home health care supplies, call Pharmacy Solutions or visit the website at pharmacyivsolutionstx.com.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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