Homes With Crawl Spaces Need Crawl Space Insulation In Tacoma WA

by | May 30, 2022 | Construction and Maintenance

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Some homes are built on basements, some on concrete slabs, and others on crawl spaces. The homes with crawl spaces have little protection from moisture, cold, and animals under the home. By installing crawl space insulation in Tacoma WA, the floors can be warmer and the crawl space can be encapsulated to prevent moisture and animal problems. Many crawl spaces, once weatherproofed, can even be used for storage. Ignoring the home’s crawl space will only invite trouble and structural damage. It does not cost a great deal to take care of the home’s crawl space, but the benefits are huge.

Some homeowners do not know whether their home is on a slab or over a crawl space. It is imperative for them to find out. If there is a crawl space, it must be maintained and kept dry. This crawl space is the home’s defense against water and other damages. It can also be utilized for storage if it is tall enough. The homeowner can walk around the house looking for a crawl space entry point. Then, the closure can be opened and the homeowner can look at it with the help of a good strong flashlight. Is there a dirt floor? Is there insulation under the home’s floor? Is the space encapsulated with concrete block or other material or is it open to the weather and critters? Worse, is there standing water or evidence of animal damage?

This company offers crawl space insulation in Tacoma WA. It also will encapsulate any crawl space. What does crawlspace encapsulation involve? First, the space is cleaned out and leveled, so there will not be a place for water to accumulate. If there are no secure walls, those will be added. Concrete block is a common material for this. The insulation will be added to the underside of the home’s floors. Now the company will install a water management system around the edges of the crawl space and encapsulate the whole area with a strong, reinforced crawlspace liner covering the floor and walls. There may also be a need for a dehumidifier. When the crawlspace is finished, it will be temperature controlled, dry, and safe. It may even provide many square feet of storage for the homeowner’s out-of-season belongings.

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