How Do Fence Contractors In Nassau County Install A Fence?

In New York, privacy fencing is an idyllic solution for avoiding nosy neighbors. The installation is completed with wooden boards that are placed close together. Property owners may also choose to install their landscaping around the interior side of the fences for added privacy. Fence Contractors Nassau County follow specific steps when installing the fences.

Define Spacing for Posts

The contractors run a line around the entire perimeter where the fence is installed. The line defines the exact dimensions of the fence. By following the line, the contractors start by installing the corner fence posts first. Each additional fence post is spaced six or eight feet apart. However, the overall size of the fence could decrease the space between each post.

Prepping Holes for the Post

The fence posts are buried in the ground as they are set up. The standard measurement for fence posts is one-third of the total length of the post. It is at this measurement that the post is buried in the ground. When the posts are set, the contractor places gravel underneath the post. Next, they use a level and make sure that the post is plumb after adding the soil around it.

Connecting the Rails

Next, the bottom rail is installed onto the fence posts. The contractor may use a butt joint to secure the rails to the posts properly. Next, they install the remaining railing all the way around the fence. The distance between the top and bottom rails is measured to ensure proper alignment.

Connecting the Fence Boards

The final step of the process is the installation of the fence boards. A plumb level is used during the installation of each board. Once it is level, the board is nailed. Next, the following board is installed. The contractor places a string line against the top of the first and second board to ensure that the entire fence remains level. Next, the contractor continues the same process until all boards are in place.

In New York, contractors follow specific steps when installing a wooden privacy fence. The installation must be seamless and shouldn’t have any spaces between the boards. Property owners who want to install a privacy fence contact Fence Contractors Nassau County at Precision Fence LLC or visit website for more information now.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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