How Does Teeth Whitening in Gurnee Whiten Your Teeth?

Most people are concerned, not only with the health of their teeth but also with the appearance. If your teeth do not look as white as you would like, it can leave your smile looking dull and lifeless. To improve the appearance of your smile, you can have your teeth whitened in Gurnee. Many people are able to have their teeth whitened many shades whiter in one single treatment. For severe staining, future treatments may be needed.

How Is Teeth Whitening in Gurnee Carried Out?

The first step involved in teeth whitening procedures is making sure the teeth are completely clean and dry. This is important so the whitening solution can penetrate the teeth and begin to work against removing the stains. If the dentist were to put the whitening solution over a film on the teeth, the treatment would not be effective. Once the teeth are clean, the dentist will paint each tooth with a special whitening solution.

Once the solution is in place, it will be activated using a special light. This helps to ensure the whitening solution is fully activated and is able to penetrate the deepest levels of your teeth. Since most stains are found in the dentin area of the teeth, the whitening solution needs to penetrate deep within the tooth structure, to begin to break up the stains found in these deepest layers.

What are the Most Common Whitening Treatments Available?

* Traditional treatments of the teeth whitening in Gurnee involve a whitening solution is placed on the teeth for a specified amount of time. This type of treatment can whiten your teeth to their natural level of whiteness.

* Bleaching treatments are able to remove all stains and actually bleach the teeth beyond their natural shade of whiteness. This is becoming one of the most popular treatments for many people because it gives them the Hollywood bright smile they want.

* Bonding is also available. This type of treatment is able to whiten and correct teeth that are badly stained or even slightly damaged. Bonding places a thin layer of white compound over the teeth. It is then shaped and polished, to resemble the surface of your natural teeth.

If you are interested in learning more about teeth whitening in Gurnee contact Excellence in Dentistry, LTD. They can provide you with a variety of dental services, to make your smile beautiful. For more information, visit their website or contact them today to book an appointment.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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