How Often Should You Have a Fire Alarm Inspection in Iowa?

by | Jun 25, 2024 | Business

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Fire alarms and other fire suppressant systems such as sprinklers are vital systems to have in any business. They are even more important in businesses that work with highly flammable materials, such as food production. A regular fire alarm inspection in Iowa ensures that your systems are working properly, but how often you should inspect them depends on a few factors.

Conduct Your Own Inspections Every Week, Month, and Quarter

Some of the basic checks you can perform yourself without contacting an Iowa fire equipment company. These are the most basic inspections to ensure that your system is working as it should. Once a week, test the batteries in fire alarms. Once a month, test all batteries, generators, and signaling devices. Once a quarter, conduct a more thorough check of all of the batteries and power devices in your fire alarm system.

Contact the Professionals for Semi-Annual, Annual, Five-Year, and 10-Year Inspections

Besides the basic inspections you can do yourself, you need to have more thorough inspections done by professionals at least twice a year. The professional fire alarm inspection in Iowa will test all components of your alarm and fire response system, including sprinklers and more.

Every few years, all components of your fire alarm system need to be tested, and some may need to be replaced. Professional fire equipment companies will know what checks to do at these multi-year visits and can walk you through the procedures and how to document them.

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