How to Choose Engagement Rings in White Plains, NY

by | Feb 27, 2014 | Jewelry

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Most people dream of getting an engagement ring in White Plains, NY their whole lives. In most cultures, women often fantasize about having the ring placed on their finger and men dream of proposing on bended knees. However, it does not matter who makes the proposal in modern times. It has become more acceptable for women to make proposals to men. An engagement means they will spend the rest of their life with the one they love. Engagement rings in White Plains NY symbolize promise and commitment. Regardless of who proposes, buying a ring can be a challenge. These tips can make choosing a ring easier.

A big factor in your ring selection will be your budget. Expect a ring to cost about two weeks of wages. Try to start saving well in advance of buying the ring. Most retailers allow financing and credit cards, but paying in cash keeps you from getting into debt. You may have to avoid big name retailers if you are on a budget. Brand names usually charge more to cover ad costs. Another option is to buy wholesale rings.

Since the diamond is popular for engagement rings, knowing how to choose diamond quality helps. Diamonds can look alike to an untrained eye. When you shop for a diamond engagement ring, you must learn the 4cs. The 4cs are color, cut, clarity, and carat. Carat refers to how much a diamond weights. A carat is equal to 1/5 of a gram. A higher number of carats usually mean a higher price. Color also influences the value. A true diamond is colorless. Diamonds with a tinge of yellow are not as expensive. The cut of a diamond refers to the shape and brilliance. The cut can impact the diamond’s ability to reflect light.A quality diamond will be cut to reflect the maximum amount of light. Clarity refers to the number of flaws in the diamond. A flawless diamond has no cracks or scratches. Clarity can also impact brilliance.

Nothing dictates you must buy a diamond engagement ring. Many couples are choosing other stones like rubies and emeralds. This advice should help you choose the best engagement rings.

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