How To Choose The Best Massage Therapy In Estes Park CO

Massage therapy is a treatment that uses combinations of gentle or firm pressure and vibrations to manipulate the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the body to promote pain relief and relaxation. Massages can also promote better circulation and blood pressure. Massage therapy has adapted to address specific issues and if you’re looking for the best massage therapy near Estes Park CO, you should first consider what you hope to gain from massage sessions.

Many people get massages in order to promote relaxation and stress relief. Stress can cause physical muscle tension that isn’t apparent all the time, but can cause body aches, headaches, and limited mobility. The most popular kind of massage to relieve tension is the Swedish Massage. In this kind of massage therapy, a massage oil is rubbed into the skin, which is manipulated in long, smooth strokes of gentle to moderate pressure. Many compare the motion to kneading dough- and like kneading dough, this massage gently stretches and softens the muscles so that tension can relax away.

People who are suffering from an injury or pain in muscles and joints can benefit from deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage uses firm pressure in localized points, often digging into particular muscles to work out knots. Motions are slower and affect deeper layers of muscle tissue than other massages. This can sometimes be uncomfortable at first, but its effects can greatly reduce pain, tension, and immobility caused by accident trauma and other causes of chronic pain.

Pregnant women can benefit from prenatal massages, which are meant to promote relaxation and to ease fatigue and back aches brought on by pregnancy and stress to the lower back. These massages are carefully done to meet the health concerns of pregnant clients, often offering special tables, foam wedges, and pillows so that they can lie down comfortably during their massage.

Once you pinpoint which kind of massage would benefit you, find out what massage therapists in your area offer what you’re looking for. Don’t be afraid to tell them what your specific concerns or needs are and ask them questions. This helps you to make sure your therapist understands what you hope to gain from massage therapy and lets you gauge how receptive your therapist is to your needs.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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