How to Decorate Your Student Apartment Without Painting the Walls

While living in student apartments, you get the benefit of a fully furnished common area to relax alone or entertain friends. Outside of that, your private bedroom and bathroom were left unadorned for you to apply your personal touch. Because you are renting the space, you may feel limited and what you can do. Yet, there are many available alternatives. Continue reading to learn how to decorate your walls without using paint.


When you want something that will warm up space, add texture to your environment, and brighten up your room, the fabric is a great option. With staples and lightweight material, you can quickly transform your place. With the increased privacy and independence that you get from Louisiana State University off-campus housing, you will be glad to invite friends to see the changes you have made.


More people are getting bolder about the posters and prints that they put around their homes. Because of this increased interest, there are more images available for you to use in your room. You can get prints of your favorite artwork for much cheaper than originals. Also, you can buy canvas and create your own. With the diverse and gifted population within Louisiana State University off-campus housing, you can find other residents to help create the perfect look.

Louisiana State University off-campus housing is filled with comfortable amenities and brings a new level of independence to your life. Take a tour with Ion Baton Rouge at

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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