How to Fix a Wet Basement in Cambridge, MA

Leaky, wet basements are an all-too-common fixture across the Northeast, but they don’t have to be. Homeowners have recourse to an entire array of techniques for drying out a wet basement in Cambridge MA. Just a few of them are described below.

Foundation Crack Repairs

One of the most common sources of excess moisture in basements is cracks in the home’s foundation. These cracks can be sealed using a flexible resin to prevent water from seeping in and prevent the cracks from widening. Thankfully, most cracks in concrete do not cause structural damage, so this constitutes a long-term solution to removing excess moisture.

Foundation Wall Wraps

Water doesn’t always enter the basement through noticeable cracks; sometimes it seeps in through the concrete itself. Installing a foundation wall wrap in the form of a reinforced flexible membrane can create a vapor and moisture barrier that stops water from penetrating and keeps ground vapors out.

Sump Pump Installation

Sump pumps constitute the beating heart of an internal drainage system. They work by removing any pooling water from the floor and relocating it to the home’s exterior and are often installed in conjunction with advanced internal drainage systems such as french drains.

Moisture Control Systems

Water damage doesn’t only occur when there is water visibly pooling on the ground; it can also happen as a result of dramatically high humidity levels, which are all-too-common in Massachusetts basements. Ventilation systems replace moist, polluted air with fresh, dry air from outside, reducing humidity and, consequently, mold growth, musty odors, stagnant air, condensation, and the risk of costly structural damage.

Exterior Water Control

Those who are suffering from a Wet Basement in Cambridge MA may also want to look into exterior water control systems such as dry wells. These systems are designed to remove water from around a home’s foundation and pipe it safely to a dry well nearby, allowing it to be discharged safely into the ground. This can prevent both foundation damage and landscape damage.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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