How to Make Corrugated Cardboard Boxes Stronger for Shipments in Georgia

All boxes by corrugated box manufacturers are already very strong. However, you may need additional strength in order to keep hefty items totally secured in these boxes. During these situations, you can make each box stronger by following four steps.

Strengthen All Gaps

Some cardboard boxes are manufactured with a reinforced layer of glue around the edges. If you order these boxes, add a layer of fresh glue over the dried glue. The new layer will provide more strength if the factory’s glue has weakened.

For deconstructed cardboard boxes, two layers of glue on the bottom flaps. A dual application will keep the bottom of the box closed in transit.

Use Padding

A few strategically placed cardboard inserts can provide better support inside of a box. To make the inserts for a box, measure all four corners. Then cut out four matching inserts that will fit snugly in the corners of the box.

Use Extra Cardboard

To give a box more support, layer an extra piece of cardboard against the bottom flap. You can get the measurements by tracing the bottom of the box with a pen.

Create Stability With Tape

The most vulnerable parts of a box are the joints and edges. If you stick duct tape or packing tape in these areas, it will amplify the strength of the box.

Whenever your stock of boxes is low, you can acquire more units from Express Packaging. This company is one of the best corrugated box manufacturers in Georgia.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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