How to Organize Secured Indoor Storage Units

Relocating or having an abundance of household items can lead to the need for a storage unit. To protect assets from theft, vandalism, outdoor elements, and moisture, it’s prudent for individuals to use secured indoor storage units in Chicago. To make the most of rented space and keep belongings arranged systematically, learn how to properly organize a storage unit.

Pack Your Items Correctly

A key component of successful organization involves correct packing. This means properly filling packing devices such as cardboard boxes, handing wardrobe boxes, and plastic totes. Decide which devices you will use and try to use ones of similar size as much as possible. Doing this makes it easier to build stacks in a storage unit. Fill boxes and plastic totes according to fragility or location in the household. For instance, put all breakable items in a few boxes and kitchen items in shared boxes. Identify the contents of boxes on at least three sides of moving devices.

Draw a Diagram

It’s helpful to draw a diagram detailing the placement of appliances, moving devices, and furnishings such as chairs and tables. This drawing can be changed as you fill a storage unit. Try to place bulky or heavy items near the back of the storage unit. It’s helpful to put items used more often at the front of the storage unit or nearest to the aisle for easy access.

Use Shelving Units

Free-standing shelving units are a positive way to display items for better viewing and access. Fragile or hard-to-pack belongings can be put on shelves to protect them from damage. A shelving unit should have dimensions suitable for the size of a storage unit. Ensure that shelves are placed against a wall or corner of the storage unit for stability. Allow two to three inches of space between the back of a shelving unit and a wall of the storage unit.

Organizing your assets makes it easier to protect them from breakage and another type of damage. It also saves you the frustration of going through numerous boxes to find certain items. For information on secured indoor storage units in Chicago, please talk to a storage expert at Aaron Bros Moving System, Inc. or Visit website of this company to view details on services.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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