How To Perform Tool Repair Pasadena TX On A Power Drill Cord

While it is certainly true a power drill can make a job infinitely easier, attempting to use a damaged drill can result in property damage, personal injury, or even death. It is for these reasons the person using these tools should know how to perform proper Tool Repair Pasadena TX. Here are some tips on repairing the cord on a power drill.

Evaluate The Damage

The first thing needing to be done to survey the extent of the damage to the cord. Sometimes the damage is not so obvious as frayed wires or a broken housing. If there are no bare wires, then it is safe to plug the cord in to make sure the drill powers on. If it does, unplug it again and smell it near the motor vent. If there is any internal damage, there will be a strong scent of burned plastic. If sparks or flashing occurred after plugging it in, do not attempt to work on the drill. Bring it into a professional tool repair company such as Mainland Tools & Supply in Texas City TX.

Remove The Cord

Keeping the drill unplugged, remove the switch cover and disconnect the wires from the switch within to begin the Tool Repair Pasadena TX. If the wires are attached via a screw-type assembly, simply use a screwdriver to remove the wires. However, many wires may be attached by a “stabbed-in” connection. In these cases, simply use a sharp tool to depress the attachment and then pop the wire out.

Final Effort

The last things to do in regards to this instance of Tool Repair Pasadena TX will be to simply remove the clip which holds the power cord in place. After this is complete, pull the power cord out of the housing and insert the new power cord into the housing in the handle and reattach the wires. Once the wires are attached, make sure to put the switch cover back into place. The drill can then be tested to ensure it is back to its proper functioning level.

Visit to see what types of tool repair are offered or to speak with an experienced customer service representative. They will be able to get the problem solved as soon as possible.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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