How to Properly Care for Diamond Jewelry in Colorado Springs

Owning diamond jewelry can be a significant investment as well as an aesthetic pleasure. While this naturally occurring mineral has a relative hardness value of 10, it’s not impervious to damage. Therefore, it’s necessary to learn the proper way to care for diamond jewelery in Colorado Springs so diamond flaws don’t occur. The following tips can assist with this job.

Safely Store Diamonds

Choose a place to safely keep your diamond jewelery in Colorado Springs. It’s ideal to store these gemstones in a jewelry case lined with soft material. Ensure that diamond pieces are kept separate from other jewelry pieces to prevent scratches on the surface of diamonds. Separate compartments within a jewelry box can prevent this type of damage. Diamonds can also be placed in drawstring velvet pouches to prevent scratching. Diamond rings can be stored in a ring box to keep them safe.

Keep Diamonds Free of Substance Build-Up

Contact with lotion, household cleaners, make-up, and skin oil can create a buildup on a diamond’s surface. This accumulation can dim a diamond’s brightness and sparkle. To keep this from happening, handle diamonds infrequently. About once a week, clean diamonds using a solution of warm water and a few drops of ammonia. A brush with soft bristles will help remove undesirable materials from the diamond’s surface. Use circular motions when cleaning a diamond. Rinse diamonds in a bowl of clean, warm water. Use a soft cloth to gently dry diamonds. It’s preferable to use a soft cloth instead of a brush on fragile settings.

Actions to Avoid with Diamonds

Certain actions should be avoided to prevent diamond damage. Take off your diamonds when using chlorine bleach. Strenuous housework or gym visits can expose your diamonds to hard blows. These hard blows can damage diamonds. Instead, safely store your diamonds until you finish a workout or cleaning. In addition, when your diamond seems damaged, visit a local jeweler so it can be assessed.

By using these suggestions, diamond owners can protect the clarity and high quality of their gemstones. It will also help a diamond owner get into a routine of using certain protocol for proper diamond care. For information on diamond purchase or diamond care, please schedule an appointment with a diamond expert at Tri Gem International Diamond Co.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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