How to Properly Pack Belongings Before the Moving Company in Austin Texas Arrives

When it’s time to move to a new home, homeowners will want to contact a Moving Company in Austin Texas to get everything from their old home to their new one. If they’d like to save some money, the homeowner can handle all of the packing on their own. They will need to make sure they pack all of their belongings carefully.

Books and Other Heavy Items

Books and other heavy items need to be packed in small boxes to minimize the weight of each box. Cardboard boxes commonly used for moving can break open if the contents are too heavy. The weight of books can add up quickly, so larger boxes might be more difficult to move.

Glass or Other Fragile Items

Glass and fragile items should be wrapped with bubble wrap or something else designed to add protection. They should be placed in boxes that are marked as containing fragile items. When packing these items, always use up as much space as possible inside the box. Empty space gives the items room to move, which means they can easily be broken.


Dresser drawers can often be pulled out of the dresser and wrapped with paper, quickly packing everything in the drawer. Clothes in the closet can be packed into a wardrobe box to help prevent wrinkles and protect any expensive clothes. This also makes the clothes easy as possible to unpack at the new home.

Kitchen Supplies

Kitchen supplies are often needed as soon as everyone gets to the new home. Make sure kitchen necessities are packed in a box to be taken directly to the new home so they’re ready to go. Pack other kitchen supplies in labeled boxes to ensure they can be found easily as everything is unpacked.

Valuable or Paperwork

Anything valuable and any paperwork that is crucial should be packed in a box and placed in the homeowner’s vehicle. This protects these items from being broken and ensures the homeowner has them when they first arrive at the new home in case they need them.

If you’re ready to move, a Moving Company in Austin Texas can help you with packing everything. If you’d like to save money, use these tips to make sure everything is packed properly. Contact Olympia Moving & Storage to learn more about the moving services they offer. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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