How to safely dispose of electronic waste

by | Apr 4, 2013 | Business

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In modern technologically advanced cultures the accumulation and safe disposal of electronic waste (or e-waste) becomes an increasing social problem. Especially since many toxic substances go into the manufacture and production of cell phones, PCs, laptops, cameras, TV sets, and other consumer gadgets and household appliances. The problem is that local and global solutions to e-waste needs to be found rapidly, as the expansion and production of such goods happen at a bewildering pace.

Limits of conventional waste disposal

Unlike ordinary human waste, getting rid of electronic waste is not a straightforward matter. Conventional methods of incinerating rubbish and landfill disposal can actually create more problems when it comes to e-waste. The toxic substances the latter contain – lead, cadmium, and mercury, for instance – get into the soil and are likely to poison underground water, thereby aggravating pollution. Moreover, burning these cause incinerated metallic substances to hang and drift in the air, thus becoming a health risk to everything that breathes. A safer way for the ordinary consumer of such gadgets and appliances who reside in the area is to consider calling a professional waste collection in Wokingham that residents can rely on. These professionals have the knowledge and means to help remove and store such materials so they don’t pose any harm to the environment or consumers.

E-waste and professional waste management

Professional waste control and management services – like people who need waste collection in Wokingham can call on for transporting all kinds of discarded materials – are needed when it comes to dealing adequately with e-waste. The experts have the means to recover recyclable parts like copper, mercury, or gold, from old PCs and laptops, and treat these with the proper chemicals so as to neutralise any toxic effects on the environment, animals, or humans. Attempts to destroy or break open electronic goods that are useless is much too dangerous for ordinary people not knowing about the poisonous substances that can leak out.

Donate used electronic goods

Many companies and businesses have emerged lately that collect, or even buy, old and used cell phones, laptops, PCs, cameras and similar gadgets to help curb the negative consequences of uncontrolled e-waste disposal. Many goods get recycled and restored for further use by education institutions or concerns. Rather than burn your old laptop or TV set in the backyard to see what will happen, it’s best to curb such curiosity and play it safe by donating it to a local community or charity organisation. Some companies might offer to buy back older goods that are still in working order, an ideal solution for those who are always upgrading to newer versions of existing gadgets. E-waste is a common phenomenon in modern societies, and seeking workable and safe solutions is becoming the responsibility of every consumer.


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