How to Utilize Your Thermostat to Help Prolong the Life of Your HVAC System

Whether your thermostat is a simple model that allows basic adjustments in temperature or it’s a Wi-Fi-connected model that adapts to your home’s occupancy patterns, the thermostat in your home can be a great ally in saving energy and prolonging the life of your HVAC system. To realize these benefits, however, it’s vital that you understand how to properly utilize your thermostat to ensure you aren’t asking more of your HVAC system than you need to. Here is a quick breakdown of proper thermostat usage.

Set it Around Your Life

If you have a programmable or smart thermostat, it’s important to utilize these features to help avoid the need for heating repair in Peachtree City. To accomplish this, take an honest inventory of your daily and weekly patterns to understand the times when you’re home and the times when you’re away. Then, set your thermostat to accommodate these patterns, leaving some wiggle room in the timing to account for those times when life gets in the way. This will save a lot of energy and wear and tear as your HVAC will only be working its hardest when you’re home to enjoy the benefits

Let Yourself Down Slowly

When it comes to the temperature setting of your thermostat, it’s important to consider what you truly require to be comfortable. To find a comfortable setting, you can adjust your thermostat in one-degree intervals, allowing yourself to adjust to the new temperature and consider whether you could enjoy this temperature long-term. Adjusting the temperature in this manner will likely result in a more efficient setting than you would achieve by simply setting your thermostat at an extreme recommendation and forcing yourself to enjoy it.

Always on Auto

If your thermostat allows you to choose between “On” and “Auto” settings, it’s a good idea to keep it set on “Auto” as often as possible. If you have it set to “On,” the fan will continue to blow even if your desired temperature has been reached. This causes extra wear and tear on your system components that could result in heating repair in Peachtree City.

The “Auto” setting, on the other hand, turns the entire system off when the thermostat detects that the room has reached the desired temperature. This allows the system to rest, resulting in prolonged life for your HVAC system. For quality HVAC maintenance and repair, you can contact the experts of Hammond Services for more information.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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