How You Can Benefit From Mental Health Services in Minneapolis

People today are more open about talking about their mental health than they were in the past. However, many are still reluctant to take advantage of adult mental health services in Minneapolis. There are several reasons to consider reaching out for these services.

Mental Illness Is Common

If you suffer from a mental illness, then you can rest assured that you are not alone. It is estimated that 16% of adults have some sort of mental illness. It’s likely that you know someone who suffers from one.

Your Physical Health Can Suffer, Too

Your mind and body are strongly connected. That is why if you have a mental illness, then your physical health may also suffer. Your mental health issues can affect your sleep cycles and immune system. If your immune system is weak and you are not sleeping well, then you will be more likely to get sick.

You may also start to have physical symptoms that are related to your mental illness. For example, if you suffer from anxiety, then you may start to have heart palpitations and chest pains. These symptoms can easily be mistaken for a heart attack.

Certain Health Conditions Can Put You at Risk for Mental Illness

Epilepsy, diabetes, cancer, and multiple sclerosis are some of the conditions that can put you at risk for depression and anxiety. If you have suffered a head injury, then you are also at risk for developing a mental illness.

Mental Illness Can Affect Your Relationships

It can be hard to maintain happy, healthy relationships with others if you have a mental illness. You may find yourself pulling away from your family members and friends. You may also have a harder time interacting with them.

If you need adult mental health services in Minneapolis, then you can contact Options Family & Behavior Services . Let us partner with you in a therapeutic journey back to total wellness.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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