If Your Dog Is Vomiting, Contact Emergency Veterinary Services in Bel Air, MD Right Away

Dogs are exploratory and can get sick when they eat grass or something that they normally shouldn’t eat. Usually, if your dog vomits, it is because it has exhibited poor judgment. However, in some cases, vomiting can be an alert of a serious medical condition.

When Vomiting Is Serious

If you need emergency veterinary services in Bel Air, MD for vomiting, it is because your dog is truly sick. If your dog vomits more than one time in a day, call your vet immediately. Other symptoms that accompany serious vomiting may include the following:

  • A loss of appetite

  • Whitish or pale gums

  • Diarrhea

  • Vomit or blood in the dog’s stool

  • Thirstiness

  • Severe tiredness

  • Abdominal pain

  • A change in the frequency of urination

Vomiting Is Usually Temporary

Usually, a dog that vomits and does not require emergency veterinary services will continue to experience regular bowel movements. It typically will eat normally too.

Reasons for Chronic Vomiting

When the vomiting is chronic, however, it usually accompanies one of the following conditions:

  • An infectious disease

  • A dietary allergy

  • A metabolic disease such as liver or kidney failure, diabetes, or pancreatitis

  • Cancer

Sudden vomiting may be a symptom of parasites in the intestines, an intestinal obstruction, bloat, or liver or kidney failure. Therefore, the emergency veterinary services a dog receives will depend on the underlying cause for the vomiting.

Usually, a veterinarian will perform several simple diagnostic tests to determine the reason for vomiting. These tests may include blood work, x-rays, or a fecal analysis. In some cases, the vet may order an abdominal ultrasound to take a closer look at the dog’s internal organs.

If your dog is sick and you need to get help, you cannot waste any time in contacting emergency medical services. Prepare for the times that your dog may get sick. That way, you can get help immediately and suffer from worry less.

Getting the Proper Care: Who You Should Contact

If you would like to learn more about emergency services for dogs, review the services offered by veterinary specialists at facilities such as Chadwellanimalhospital.com today.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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