If You’ve Been Arrested On A Federal Charge, Bail Will Cost You More

by | Aug 28, 2015 | Lawyers

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Anyone who has been arrested on a federal criminal charge is going to find out that it’s considerably more difficult to be bailed out of jail. A federal bail bond is not the same as a state bail bond. When someone is facing a federal criminal charge, they are more likely to sit in jail until trial than if they were facing a state charge of similar severity.

The Extra Costs of a Federal Bail Bond

Federal bail bonds originate from a federal district court. First, the judge will set the bail. Expect that the amount of bail will be much higher than it would have been in a state court. Defendants pay a fee to a bail bond company for the service; typically, this is 10%. For a federal bail bond, the bonding companies usually charge 15% because of the greater risk and complexity involved in the bonding process. The bail bond company may also ask for property to be pledged that is valued at 150% of the amount of the bail.

An Additional Bail Hearing

An additional “Nebbia hearing” will be held by the court to ensure that the bail is not being funded by money that was the result of criminal activity. A defendant must be able to prove that all of the cash or property came from legitimate sources, such as a family home or a savings account funded by a job or inheritance. If the court feels that the bail would be paid with cash resulting from drug activities, for example, the bail will be denied.

The Bail Bond Company must have Experience with Federal Bail Bonds

Not all bail bond companies handle federal bail bonds. Many defendants do not have the resources to pay federal bail outright, so they must find a bail company who understands federal bail bonds. It is particularly important to examine closely the source of the bail in preparation for the Nebbia hearing and find sources that cannot be claimed to be derived from criminal activity.

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