Impacted Teeth Cause Facial Pain

When your mouth is too small for your third molars, you must visit a dentist. Dental extractions in Chicago are often necessary for the wisdom teeth that are located toward the back of your mouth. Numerous individuals must have their wisdom teeth removed to prevent impaction. An impacted tooth is painful, leading to swollen gums and terrible facial pain. If you don’t have the third molars removed, then it can lead to a major infection in the jaw. In addition, the impacted tooth can alter the position of nearby teeth, ruining your bite.

You are Sedated before Wisdom Teeth Removal

You might have one or more wisdom teeth in the upper or lower areas of your mouth, and in most cases, these teeth are easy to remove with a procedure at your local dentist’s office. Dental extractions in Chicago require sedation so that you relax while the dentist pulls the teeth from your mouth. You will receive a package of absorbent gauze pads that you must place in the tooth’s socket. These sockets will bleed for approximately one day until clot forms, and during this time, you must consume a soft diet.

Contact Us to Arrange Wisdom Teeth Removal

After dental extractions in Chicago, you will feel dehydrated, but you should avoid drinking water or soft drinks through a straw because this can dislodge the clot. The condition of a dry clot is painful, but it rarely occurs. If you do have a problem with your recovery at home, then you should contact your dentist for assistance. The recovery process from wisdom teeth removal can require several days, and you should rest as much as possible. For more information about having your third molars removed, contact Chicago Smile Design with our website at

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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