Important Information About Handing Wrongful Death Cases with the Help of a Wrongful Death Attorney in Scranton PA

When someone is said to have suffered a wrongful death, it means they died due to a person or company/business being negligent. For a death to be considered “wrongful”, an action had to occur that a reasonable person would not have done under the same circumstances. As with any other legal case, wrongful death cases can be difficult to prove and quite confusing. However, when the family of a victim seeks the help of a wrongful death attorney in Scranton PA, the situation can be a bit easier. Some helpful information about these types of cases can be found here.

Filing the Lawsuit

In the majority of situations, only the surviving children or spouse of the victim will be able to seek damages for a wrongful death situation. However, if there are other extended family members such as the person’s parents, they may be able to file the lawsuit if they depended on the deceased financially. Talk to a wrongful death attorney in Scranton PA to learn who is eligible.

Damages Covered in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Some of the damages that may be able to be recovered in a wrongful death lawsuit include:

• The loss of all future income

• Emotional and mental duress

• The loss of security and companionship

• Punitive damages

• Funeral and medical expenses

Limits on Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

There is typically a statute of limitations regarding filing a wrongful death lawsuit. This means that there is a certain amount of time to file the case, so it should be done as quickly as possible. While there may be instances where some circumstances delay the filling, if a person files early, there is a much higher likelihood of a successful claim.

Learn more about wrongful death lawsuits by calling the Michael S. Melnick, Esq, or visit the website . Taking the time to learn about the process can help anyone facing this situation to receive the compensation and damages they are entitled to.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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