Important Information about Installing Dental Crowns in Exton, PA

The teeth in your mouth are divided into two parts: the roots and the crowns. The root is the part of the tooth that lies underneath the gums. The roots hold the crown in place and usually strengthen between the ages of eight and fifteen. However, the crown is the part of the tooth that is exposed and can be seen. If you do not properly care for your teeth, the crown will begin to decay over time. There will come a point when an infection may force you to have the entire tooth removed altogether. If that happens, you might want to look for a replacement. Dental crowns can be installed by a number of local dentists throughout Exton. If you have gaps in between your teeth, you might want to cover them up with dental crowns. Here is some important information regarding the installation of a dental crown.

Initial Inspection

If you have gaps in between your teeth, you might want to set an appointment with a local dentist to find out if crowns can be installed or not. The dental crowns in Exton, PA are made to order after careful measurements have been taken. The dentist will need to first inspect the teeth and then take the measurements appropriately before placing the order for the crowns.


The crowns are usually fitted on dental implants, which are installed separately. You can get in touch with a local company such as the to set an appointment and go for the fitting. The dentist will need to fit in the crown properly after first installing the implant. Keep in mind that you will need to visit the dentist for multiple appointments during this procedure.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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