Important Information to Know when Buying or Selling a Home

The home buying and selling processes can be a stressful one for all parties. Even with the power of the internet on their side most home buyers and sellers will end up seeking the services of a real estate agent or Realtor, like them. Paying the extra expense of the Realtor’s commission may very well be worth in the end. To be done right, the business of dealing in real estate is a full-time job, and not something to be taken lightly.

A Realtor has the experience, education, and time to do the job for those in the market to sell or buy a home. A Top Rated Realtor in Sparta can make all the difference in the profitability of the transaction. Some things to consider when choosing a real estate broker are:

• Who do they represent? -; There are essentially three types of real estate agents. Seller agents, buyer agents, and dual agents. A seller agent (listing agent) works for the homeowner selling the home. They advertise and show the home and help in the selling transaction. Their get paid by commission when the home sells and the commission is a percentage of the home’s selling price. A buyer agent works for the person buying a home. It is beneficial for the buyer to have their own agent represent them rather than the listing broker, as it is the listing agents obligation to look out for their clients best interest. Visit Website to learn more.

• Qualities to look for -; Since the housing market crash in the mid-2000’s buying and selling real estate has changed immensely. With tighter lending rules, less deposit money, and smaller budgets, being successful in today’s real estate market, requires the assistance of a savvy Realtor. Selling or buying a home will typically take months so having a friendly and easy relationship with the Realtor is important. Communication is key and they should routinely keep in touch by phone or email whether or not there are updates. They make suggestions about the home’s listing price as needed or ways to improve the home’s curb appeal.

Selling or buying a home through them can be less stressful with the right amount of research. Don’t be afraid to ask questions as the result may be that one finds an excellent Realtor. Remember that an agent may represent both parties, and that is legal. However each party having their own Realtor is ideal.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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