Improve the Way You Chew, Bite and Smile With Help From Dentists in Spring

by | Apr 7, 2015 | Dentist

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Caring for your teeth may seem like a lot of work, but visiting Dentists Spring can make the task much easier. A dentist can perform a number of procedures to improve your smile and the way you bite and chew. Sometimes, these dental techniques perform both functions, such as with an implant or veneers and, other times, they are purely cosmetic, as is the case with dental whitening. Other procedures that the dentist may perform include filling cavities, root canals, capping or crowning damaged teeth, and the creation of dental appliances like bridges and dentures.

Whitening teeth is one of the most common processes a dental office can perform. This is actually a fairly simple procedure where the dentist will apply a thin layer of carbamide peroxide to the teeth. This paste or gel is much stronger than what you can get in over the counter products about fifteen percent versus five to six percent for the best toothpastes. Once the carbamide is in place, the dentist will introduce a little water to begin the cleaning process. Carbamide peroxide reacts with water and causes the chemical to change into hydrogen peroxide. This chemical conversion causes the peroxide to work its way into and under the enamel of your teeth so it can remove deep-set stains. To know more, click here.

One very useful procedure is the replacement of damaged or missing teeth with implants. A dental implant uses an inert metal, usually titanium, to create an artificial root. The stud is placed in the jaw and allowed to heal before the dentist places a crown over it. For this procedure to work well, the dentist will need to evaluate the density of the jawbone. If the structure of your jaw is weak or the jaw is thin, the dentist will need to do some minor bone grafting. This is done to ensure there is enough bone material to anchor the stud securely, as well as providing support for the stress of biting or chewing. Replacing missing teeth is also useful for preventing existing teeth from shifting into vacant spaces. If you are searching for Dentists Spring, be sure to check out Gentle Dental Care.

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