Indications that Sewer Repair from Olympia WA Professionals is Needed

by | Nov 11, 2013 | Septic Tanks

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Major home repairs are a cause of anxiety and financial strain for owners. Foresight and good practices can help to minimize the frequency of some needed repairs. For instance, Sewer Repair Olympia WA services often come across major and expensive failures due to the negligence of a home’s residents. It is helpful for you and the other occupants of a home to pay attention to some indicators that something may be wrong with the sewer system connected to the structure.
If there is dampness or standing water in part of the yard that surrounds a home, this could be a warning sign that small parts of the lines are leaking. If you have large trees near the home, it is a possibility that the roots may have grown into the sewage lines, which seriously compromises them. Awareness of your surroundings and changes in the area could save significant money. Plus, it always seems issues such as sewer failures arrive at the worst times-;such as when relatives may be at your home to celebrate the holidays.

If you have determined that you need Sewer Repair service Olympia WA services, consider Advanced Septic and Construction. This company has served the area for over 25 years, and is a proven community leader. They are licensed and insured, and keep meticulous records concerning all work that is performed by their employees. In addition to sewer repairs, they also perform installations drain cleaning, and general contracting services for construction projects. It doesn’t matter is a client is small or an entire city government, quality and respect is extended to all customers.

For those with a sub-pump, it needs to be checked every so often to make sure that it is working efficiently. Heavy rains could overwhelm a system and cause sewer drainage issues. Also, make note if there is any sulfur (rotten egg) smell near a basement or open drains. If the toilets, sinks, showers, and other fixtures are not draining properly, you need to find out if it’s due to a clog or a failed sewage line. Grease and bleach can be detrimental to a system’s lines over time.


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