Inexpensive Ways to Keep Yourself Cool in Your Student Apartments

To stay cool this summer, you may get tempted to blast the air conditioning around the clock, but that will leave you with utility bills that you can hardly pay. Maintaining high temperatures with your air conditioner can be quite expensive. To ensure your budget remains intact, there are actions you can take. These steps will allow you to remain refreshed and save money during the warmest part of the year. Keep reading to learn more.

Change Your Sheets

LSU off-campus housing comes with private bedrooms, so you have the space and privacy you need to thrive in college. Changing your sheets regularly will make your room healthier and more comfortable. If the sheets on your bed are flannel or fleece, you could be making your circumstances worse. These are great to fight against the coldness of winter because they keep you surrounded by heat. But this is not helpful in the summer. Instead, use cotton that allows air to flow through and can stay much cooler.

Start grilling

The state-of-the-art kitchen in your LSU off-campus housing may inspire you to try all sorts of recipes. But using your oven or stove will tremendously increase the temperature inside your home. Your air conditioner will need to work even harder to keep you cool. You would feel much better if you used your outdoor grilling station within your complex. After cooling off at the pool, you can heat your meals for the week.

LSU off-campus housing will often host summer events to keep you entertain and allow you to meet your neighbors. Learn more from Redpoint Baton Rouge at

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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