Interior and Exterior Waterproofing in Allen Park MI

by | Oct 4, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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Water damage is not only destructive, pervasive and a health hazard, it is very expensive and can take many attempts to totally clean up the aftermath. It causes cracks and leaks in your foundation, crumbles away structural strength and integrity and promotes mold and mildew. Water can seep in and begin to damage your property before you even notice it. Mold and mildew can grow behind your walls and cover a good portion of your home undetected until your family is sick with respiratory issues. Waterproofing in Allen Park MI is able to help prevent these problems or can stop them before they get worse and cause expensive damage to your home. Visit website for more details.

Olson Cement Work and Construction company offers quality waterproofing services for homes and businesses. Best Waterproofing Service in Allen Park MI can prevent damage to you property and valuables and strengthen structures capacity to weather severe storms. Interior and exterior services include under-grade waterproofing, concrete and restoration waterproofing, crack repair system, deck coating and elastomeric coating. Free estimates are offered.

Most people believe that water in their basement is a problem to be solved via sump pumps or other vacuuming systems once it has entered the basement. It can be prevented in the first place from the exterior or the building with a process that many homeowners have found to be a long lasting solution. The steps of the process are as follows:

* Digging is done around the exterior of the foundation to the footing.

* Drain tiles are inspected and then replaced as necessary.

* The wall is sealed with waterproof tar and sheeting.

* Gravel is placed on top of the drain tiles

* Finally, the dirt is replaced.

Waterproofing in Allen Park MI can provide this service and stop water before it gets into the basement of your home or business. This would avoid the issues of excess moisture that can damage belongings or inventory, and condensation on pipes that can collect and trickle into your insulation. Why take the time and effort and expense to pump out and clean up water when you can stop it from flooding your basement at all? Find out about the exterior solution and see if it will work in your home or business. Visit Olson Cement Allen Park to know more.

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