Is At-Home Skilled Nursing Good for Your Loved One?

A person that simply needs help with day-to-day chores like eating or dressing can usually rely on family members for help. However, when things become more complicated due to medical conditions, extra help may be necessary.

For the elderly population, medical help generally comes in two forms: nursing home or at-home skilled nursing services. Easton, MD residents can rely on the skilled nursing services of Capital City Nurses.

Nursing Homes

Residents of nursing or assisted living homes are provided with the medical and regular day-to-day care that may be needed. While some people living in assisted care facilities may be very mobile and independent, others may be bedridden. Medical care can be provided by the nurses and physicians on staff. Things like kidney dialysis and insulin shots are easy to manage when you have an entire facility working together. This type of car is often impossible for family members to provide.

At a nursing home, pretty much every need can be addressed, but there are plenty of people that prefer to stay in their own home, where things are familiar.

Skilled Nursing Services

At-home skilled nursing services is like the best of both worlds. Your Easton, MD loved one can get the high-quality care that they need while remaining inside their own home surrounded by their belongings and their memories. Conditions that may require skilled nursing services include:

  • Stroke
  • Wounds
  • An illness or operation
  • Memory issues

Daily tasks like administering medication, changing bandages, and monitoring for symptoms can be provided for by the skilled nurses at Capital City Nurses. Nurses can also provide ostomy care, insulin injections, assistance with devices like CPAP machines, and perform nursing assessments. All skilled nursing services will be performed in conjunction with your loved one’s physician. Capital City Nurses understands the challenges that you face, and we want to help lighten the load. Call us at 866-807-7303.

We are looking forward to giving your elderly loved one the quality medical care and companionship care that they deserve. Nurses can be arranged on an emergent basis if needed. Each of our skilled nurses is completely trained and certified to provide the types of medical attention that are needed. We also offer continued education services to our employees so that they know the newest techniques and technologies. Let our high-quality skilled nursing services providers help you and your loved one.

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