It is Worth Investing in Storm Doors in Philadelphia PA

Doors are such common features in homes, stores, and institutions that it is easy to overlook them. It ‘s not usually until a replacement is needed or something is not working properly that they begin to garner any attention. At that point, things can start to get overwhelming – especially if it is a door that provides access to the inside of a home. What kind of materials are available? Are there options that can add security from criminals? What about natural disasters?

Decisions, Decisions – Choosing a Material

There isn’t a wrong answer here. All of these are excellent choices, so it is safe to be guided by preferences. Storm Doors in Philadelphia PA are made of wood, vinyl (also known as PVC), aluminum, and fiberglass. Wood will need a fresh coat of paint from time to time. Vinyl is durable and will not discolor, peel, or crack; even if it gets scratched, it won’t require any paint. Aluminum resists corrosion and comes in a variety of thicknesses. Fiberglass is exceptionally strong and provides additional protection from UV rays.

Shut the Front Door on Intruders and Storms

The best defense is a good offense. While major storms and burglaries do not take place every day, it is good to be prepared beforehand. Storm doors from Steel Doors Inc are superior protection to both of these possibilities. A storm door is a second outer door containing three layers: a front, back, and insulated interior. This adds to the structure and security of a home. In bad weather, a storm door can prevent ice and snow from entering and damaging a home’s interior. During the sunny days, it allows for ventilation while keeping out unwanted bugs and pests.

Fire Doors Can Take the Heat

Fire-rated doors are amazing when it comes to protecting property and loved ones from the dangers of smoke and heat. These heavy duty doors are available in many variations with labels ranging from 20 minutes to three hours. Storm Doors in Philadelphia PA provides fire-rated doors in either wood or metal options. While the ones made of fire-rated wood can be sustained for 20 minutes, in this instance steel is superior because it is the only material that can handle a three-hour fire-rating. Professional installation and regular inspections are recommended.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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