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To keep your monthly utility bills at a lower cost, servicing and repair for air conditioners are highly recommended. While servicing a room air conditioner is much simpler than servicing a central air-conditioner system, there are many tips and techniques to save cost on air conditioner repairs in Lincoln Park. Let us look at some of these tips and techniques.

Tips for buying with Air Conditioner Service – Lincoln Park

Window or central system, the trick is in energy efficiency. A highly efficient unit will cool the space faster and with less energy consumption. A window air conditioner should be of the right size. A bigger unit for the smaller area will not cool properly; the unit will work harder and will also be costlier at the time of purchase. For a central air-con system, the SEER number is important. SEER is the seasonal energy efficient ration. The magic number for SEER is 13 or better. A higher rating of SEER will cost you more but you will very soon recover that cost with lower energy bills.

Tips to save energy – Air Conditioner Service, Lincoln Park

1. Regular maintenance is very important. Maintenance that you can do yourself includes changing or cleaning filters monthly during the cooling season, making sure that the condensing unit outside is not covered with leaves, debris, etc. , check for the leakage in the ducts and make sure it is sealed. Call a professional repair service for annual servicing before the cooling season starts.

2. Condenser unit should be located in a shady spot for nature to help in keeping it cool.

3. Keep the sunny side of your house cooler with awnings and drapes.

4. Make sure to seal the windows and doors effectively to reduce the warm draft creeping in.

5. Install a programmable thermostat

Service Plans – Air Conditioner Service, Lincoln Park

Shop around to find the service plan that works for you. Make sure to clarify the extra charges that are usually not included in the service plan. These extra charges are:

* Parts or labor required in case of abnormal damage, like, water damage, fire, flood, etc.

* Service required in case the problem is simpler, like, resetting a circuit breaker, or setting thermostat

* Labor for ductwork and vent pipe or any work required because of negligence or misuse of equipment.

* Refinishing or repair of the exterior of the air conditioner.

Enjoy the hum and the coolness as your air conditioner works non-stop.

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