Keeping an Office Environment Comfortable Can Improve Productivity

Working in a hot environment can impact productivity. If you have had to work in a hot environment, even if your job was not physically demanding, you have seen firsthand how the heat can hamper your cognitive abilities. Few things are as frustrating as sitting in a hot office, looking at a computer, and reading the same lines over and over again because you are having difficulty grasping what you are reading. In these office circumstances, a dual hose portable air conditioner can be beneficial.

Additionally, hot environments wreak havoc on equipment. Most people have had the unfortunate experience of having their computer fan stop. Or they watch as their computer heats up and subsequently slows down. Basically, the computer is going through the same process that a person goes through in the heat. The increased temperature impacts processing power. This is another reason why many office environments have opted to use a dual hose portable air conditioner.

Even in office environments where central AC is installed, having a portable air conditioner is a great idea. What happens if the central air-conditioning unit fails? Now, you have an office full of people sweating to death and trying desperately to focus on their tasks. A portable air conditioner can be moved to the location where it needs to be. It has temperature control and is programmable so that it will give your office space the cooling that it needs when it needs it.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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