Key Signs You Need Air Duct Leak Detection in Bradenton, FL for Your Home

When it comes to your air ducts, it is difficult to tell when there is a leak without looking for it initially. There are actually subtle signs to help you determine whether or not there is a leak in the air ducts of your home.

While finding these leaks on your own is possible, you should always consider professional air duct leak detection to help make sure that not only are the leaks found, but that they’re also dealt with properly so that they won’t occur again.


One of the best benefits of having a central air conditioning unit is the improved quality of air that comes through the cooled air being filtered. Unfortunately, if there is a leak in the air duct, the comfort levels in the home go down.

Not only is it more difficult to cool the room, but the air usually feels stuffy. Being stuffy isn’t the only problem either. Without air duct leak detection in Bradenton, FL, your home could be susceptible to having dust and other particles dispersed throughout the home.

Higher Energy Bills

One main sign that your air duct has a leak is if your energy bills have increased. With a leak, it takes more energy for the central heating and cooling unit to adjust the temperature of your home. This is usually reflected in your energy bills, and the costs go up relative to the size of the leak.

The increase in energy bills is one of the first signs many homeowners notice when it comes to a leak in the air duct and they don’t have any air duct leak detection to rely on.

Air conditioning service providers, such as AC Warehouse, provide various forms of repair and installations for your heating and cooling system. These services often include repairing issues with air ducts.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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