Let Your DUI Lawyer In Sevierville TN Handle The Case

by | Oct 9, 2013 | Lawyer

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Nearly everyone has had a traffic ticket at some point in their adult life. Even the most minor lane infraction can quickly transform into a criminal charge if the law enforcement official who is issuing the citation detects the driver being under the influence. Each traffic stop is unique and the specifics of each encounter with police or highway patrol have much to do with exactly how the crime of DUI is charged, but one thing is certain; this is a serious charge that can have long term repercussions for the driving record and license validity of the defendant.

Talking with the DUI Lawyer Sevierville TN about the circumstances of the traffic stop can help a person who is facing this serious charge to see what their options may be for defending themselves against the charges. Even the most seemingly simple traffic stop that had no aggravating factors, such as excessive speed or young children in the car as passengers can quickly spiral out of control if the defendant was uncooperative or untruthful with the law enforcement officer.

Only by honestly discussing the facts that surround the citation can a defendant assist their attorney in the defense of this serious charge. In cases where the DUI case is a first offense on an entirely clean traffic record, there may be room to negotiate a plea that would reduce the charge, however the DUI Lawyer Sevierville TN can give specific information to your situation only after they have read the police reports and reviewed the file that the prosecution is using for your case.

DUI cases are worse when there have been past charges and when there was a recency to the previous cases that the defendant has had. Increased public awareness about the safety issues caused by impaired drivers has made the prosecutors and judges more acutely aware of how they handle every charge of impaired driving. No judge wants to be accused of being too soft on someone who later causes a serious accident.

Talking to a lawyer can help a defendant to see how this current case could affect their license, their insurance rates and their criminal record. All of these facts can influence how the case should be resolved.

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