Maintaining An Automatic Transmission

by | Feb 11, 2014 | Auto Body Parts

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The first automatic transmission was put in a General Motors car, an Oldsmobile Hydra-Matic, in the year 1940. Since that year the number of automatic vehicles compared those with manual shifts has been on the rise. By the year 1957 over 82% of all American made vehicles were automatic, and by 2012 only about 3% of all vehicles sold in the USA had a manual transmission.

What this means is that by far the majority of all vehicles on the road, including cars, trucks and SUVs, have an automatic transmission. Despite the obvious popularity of this system there are very few drivers that maintain their transmission. Knowing how to maintain and care for an automatic transmission can help extend its life and cut down on repair bills.

Check Fluid

It is easy to check your automatic transmission fluid even if you don’t routinely look under your hood. Look in your vehicle operator’s manual or ask your mechanic to show you where the dipstick is. It is a simple procedure and you simply look at the level on the dipstick to determine if you need to add more fluid.

It is a bit more complicated to change your transmission fluid, but by taking it into a transmission repair shop it is an inexpensive, relatively quick task. They will let you know if the fluid is breaking down with use and will recommend a change as well as check the rest of the system for possible issues.

Watch For Fluid Under Your Vehicle

Transmission fluid can leak from damaged parts and hoses, usually towards the front and center of the vehicle. It will be red color or, if it has not been recently changed, it can be dark red or even brown. There is no particular smell to transmission fluid but it will feel like oil if you rub it between your fingertips.

Check How Your Vehicle Operates

An automatic transmission changes gears as you drive, without the need for you to manually engage the clutch and shift gears. If you notice any changes in the way that your vehicle shifts, including jerking or failing to change gears correctly, it is important to bring your vehicle in and have it serviced.

Taking care of your automatic transmission throughout your vehicle’s life is important. This is a simple, easy process that will just take few minutes every few weeks, well worth the effort and the time.

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