Maximizing an MBBS in USA Scholarship

One of the benefits many students look for when considering an MBBS program is the availability of scholarships. Some scholarships are offered for medical colleges and universities in India. However, there is also the possibility to obtain an MBBS in USA scholarship.

The value of an MBBS in USA scholarship for Indian students helps to reduce the cost of attending an international medical college or university. There are different types of scholarships that offer a one-time payment for those students or assistance with specific types of educational costs.
There are also specific types of MBBS in USA scholarship options that provide a substantial reduction in the cost of education. These scholarships are provided to students if they use specific programs to apply to the MBBS program.

Research Options

Indian students face significant challenges if they attempt to complete their MBBS at an American college or university. Scholarships are difficult to obtain at these institutions. The cost of tuition and living on or off campus can be substantially more than many families anticipate.

A better option is to apply for an MBBS at a recognized and properly accredited Caribbean Medical College which provides ACGME Approved Clinical Rotations in teaching hospitals in the USA which ensures you have the ability to complete the PG in the USA. This combination maximizes the use of the scholarship funds by decreasing MBBS tuition.

At the same time, the PG in the United States does not cost the student. While completing the PG, students can earn a stipend of minimum 48,000 USD per year that recovers the cost of their tuition, virtually eliminating any debt in adding a highly-rated and internationally recognized medical university.

At Zordha Education, we offer all of our students a generous MBBS in USA scholarship with the option to complete PG in the USA. To learn more, see us at

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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