Maybe You Need an MRI

Most of us know of an MRI, but we are less clear about what exactly it is and why someone would need it. When it comes to MRI high field in Orlando, knowing the details can really help to shed some light on the whole situation. First, we will look at what a high field MRI is, then who is a prime candidate for it and why it could be so beneficial. So let’s get started and get you the answers you need today!

What is a High Field MRI?

First things first: what exactly is this test? It just seems like another term stuffed into the huge bag of medical jargon. Well, once you know a bit about this examination, things really start to clear up. First of all, this is magnetic resonance imaging, otherwise known as a relatively routine test that takes a look at organs, tissues, and bones in the body. The imaging portion of the name pertains to the high-resolution images that are produced, which help doctors diagnose and spot issues. This test can be performed anywhere from the spine to the head to the feet, and everywhere in between.

Is This What I Need?

Were you involved in a car crash? Do you suffer from painful arthritis or joint discomfort? Are you having heart troubles? These are just three of the reasons why a doctor may suggest that a patient receive this kind of testing. It is a wonderful tool that can be used to diagnose a disease and pinpoint viable treatment options for the patient. These “closed” examinations use stronger scanners full of magnetic force to zero in on more delicate and smaller areas. MRI Center could be just the ticket for spotting breast cancer, evaluating joints and bones, looking at blood vessels and the heart, and so much more.

What is So Great About It?

These examinations could end up leading the way in a number of diagnostic routines, and more and more professionals are using them. A higher precision rate means more answers for doctors and patients. You may opt for this type of magnetic resonance imaging in place of “open” or low field scanners because the time it takes is much less. That means you do not have to stay stone-still for such a long period of time. This is especially good news for people who suffer from claustrophobia!

Talk to your doctor about these examinations today!

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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