Metal Machining – Tips for More Efficient Milling

If you run a machine shop, you may do some turning and punching jobs. However, a great deal of today’s metal machining is all about milling. Here are some important tips for more efficient milling to help your business grow and remain competitive in the future.

Choose the Right Milling Tools

You need the most accurate and sharpest cutting tools you can buy if you want to do the best milling work. Choose your tool sources carefully. An experienced tool company has people to help you with all your tool selections. For example, you can save money with adjustable end mills, but they may not always be the best tool for the job.

With some metal machining materials, you need carbide tipped, and even diamond tipped end mills. Even though they are more expensive, carbide and diamond cutters are much harder than high-speed steel. This not only gives you more accurate milling, but your cutting tools will also last longer too.

Diversify Your Suppliers

Do you use one tool source or manufacturer for your shop? If you have a really good source, you may be tempted to use them exclusively. However, this may result in problems. For example, what happens if they discontinue tools you use often? The company could go out of business or be taken over, and this can affect your future adversely. To avoid issues like these, try to have more than one source for your metal machining tools.

Take More Time with Carbide Milling

Since carbide cutters are very hard, you should consider extra support for the workpiece. It takes a greater force to machine difficult materials, and they are more likely to cause vibrations which can affect accuracy. The time you spend creating extra support can greatly increase quality and limit scrap in the shop.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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