Microblading Your Eyebrows in Las Vegas, NV Creates a Polished Look

If you are interested in microblading your eyebrows in Las Vegas, NV, you want to know what to expect and how to choose a quality artist. When done well, microblading helps the eyebrows frame your face and enhance your appearance.

What to Expect

The result of well-done eyebrows look natural and create a fuller-looking, well-groomed brow. To get to that point, you will need to go through a bit of healing. Initially, the brows will look darker than you expect, but the color fades to a more natural look in the first two weeks.

Most of the healing takes place during the first week. There may be some swelling, and scabs may develop. The area will heal rapidly over the next two weeks, with new skin forming and a reduction in swelling. The brows begin to look more natural. After about a month, your skin will naturally exfoliate old skin cells and the true color emerges. About a month and a half after the procedure, you may want to revisit the microblading artist for a touch-up to create the perfect brow.

When considering microblading, seek out a brow artist who is willing to discuss the process with you and answer any questions you have. Ask to see examples of their work. Look for eyebrows that enhance the client. You don’t want a microblading artist who creates one cookie-cutter look.

If you are considering microblading your eyebrows in Las Vegas, NV, get in touch with Amanda May Beauty. Take a look at some of the clients who have had their eyebrows microbladed at the salon.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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